Walking In The Sebasticook Preserves

Each Sebasticook Regional Land Trust Preserve  holds stories.

The Sebasticook Watershed is in the heart of Maine. We live here because we love to come home. Even if we travel for work, at night we come home to fish, paddle, or garden.  We get to hear loons at dusk, owls at midnight, whipporwills at 3 a.m.,  and a rooster in the morning. Our kids can play outside, learn to fish, and camp out in the back yard.

Sometimes it's hard to live here. Jobs can be scarce and the work can be difficult but coming home and sitting on the back deck in the dusk is our reward. We see deer at sunset and hear birds sing at dawn.

This is the valley where the land trust gets its stories, from the people who live here. We, the people who love this watershed and the traditional and innovative ways of living rural, are conserving this land and these waters for the future generations .