"It All Turns On Affection"

" For human beings to have a responsible relationship to the world, they must imagine their places in it. To have a place, to live and belong in a place, to live from a place without destroying it, we must imagine it. By imagination we see it illuminated by its own unique character and by our love for it. By imagination we recognize with sympathy the fellow members, human and non human, with whom we share our place. By local experience we see the need to  grant a sort of sympathy to all fellow members, the neighbors, with whom we share the world. As imagination enables sympathy, sympathy enables affection. And in affection we find the possibility for a neighborly, kind,  and conserving economy."

Wendell Berry, It all Turns on Affection, The Jefferson Lecture And Other Essays. p.14.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year

For Balin Alexander Irving born Thankgiving Day 2013.